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Exhaust Tip FAQ

1. What is an Exhaust Tip?

An exhaust tip is an aftermarket accessory that is attached to the end of a vehicle's exhaust pipe. Its purpose is to enhance the appearance of the vehicle, direct exhaust gases away from the vehicle's body, and possibly change the sound of the exhaust. Exhaust tips come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials and can be made of materials such as stainless steel, chrome, or carbon fiber. While they are not a necessary component of a vehicle's exhaust system, many people choose to install exhaust tips to customize the look and sound of their vehicle.

2. What is an Octagon Exhaust Tip?

An Octagon Exhaust Tip is an exhaust tip shaped like an octagon. The octagon shape gives the exhaust tip a unique look compared to the traditional round tips. Octagon Exhaust Tips are perfect for someone who wants to make their truck their own! (Learn more about Octagon Exhaust Tips here)

3. What is an Overlay Exhaust Tip?

An Overlay Exhaust Tip was created by TSO in 2018. It is an exhaust tip featuring laser cut “overlays” to add a design and customization. Overlays allow you to add multiple colors to your exhaust tip. Plus, you don’t see them like the boring round exhaust tips every day.

4. Why do TSO Exhaust Tips use a Tabbed Inlet design instead of a round inlet?

We created and patented the Tabbed Inlet design to provide a more secure installation. The tabs allow you to use four through bolts instead of a clamp. Clamps are prone to loosening over time. We created the tabbed inlet design because tips kept falling off after several months. Plus, the Tabbed Inlet Design makes it more difficult to steal!

5. Do I need an exhaust tip for my diesel truck?

An exhaust tip is not necessary for a diesel truck's exhaust system. However, it can offer some benefits, such as enhancing the vehicle's appearance, directing the exhaust gases away from the truck's body, preventing corrosion, and possibly improving the sound of the exhaust. 

6. Do TSO Exhaust Tips work on gas trucks?

TSO Exhaust Tips work on gas and diesel trucks. All you have to do is ensure the inlet size matches the exhaust on your truck.

7. How do I choose the right size for my truck?

Choosing the right size is easy once you figure out what size the exhaust is on your truck. First, measure the diameter of your exhaust (inlet size). The choose the tip size you want (outlet size). 

We recommend:

6”: Leveled diesel and gas trucks. Want to add a tip but don’t want something obnoxious. Starts to look small when lifted. Looks best out the back

7”: Lifted or leveled diesel and gas trucks. Doesn’t look too big or too small when lifted or leveled. Looks best out the back

8: Lifted diesel trucks. By far the most popular size. Looks big on leveled trucks and just right when lifted. Looks good as an axle dump or rear exit.

10: Lifted diesel trucks. You want something big and obnoxious. Looks best as an axle dump

8. What materials are TSO Exhaust Tips made from?

TSO Exhaust Tips are hand-made in East Tennessee from 304 stainless steel and 5052 aluminum. Exhaust Tips, flags, and logos are made from stainless steel, whereas overlays are laser cut from aluminum. We then powder coat it in various colors or polish it to a mirror-like finish.

9. Can I install an exhaust tip myself, or do I need a professional?

You can install an exhaust tip in your driveway at home. You only need a cutting tool, two wrenches, and the supplied hardware.

10. What are the benefits of installing an exhaust tip?

There are several potential benefits to installing an exhaust tip on a vehicle:

  1. Enhanced Appearance: An exhaust tip can give a vehicle a more customized, unique look, especially if it is an Octagon or Overlay Exhaust Tip.
  1. Protection: By directing exhaust gases away from the vehicle's body, an exhaust tip can help prevent corrosion and other damage to the vehicle's paint and bodywork.
  1. Improved Sound: In some cases, an exhaust tip can change the sound of the vehicle's exhaust system, making it deeper or more aggressive.
  1. Better Airflow: Depending on the design of the exhaust tip, it may help improve the vehicle's airflow, potentially improving performance.
  1. Cost-Effective: Installing an exhaust tip is a relatively low-cost way to customize a vehicle's appearance and potentially improve its performance.

11. Will an exhaust tip change the sound of my exhaust?

In most cases, an exhaust tip will deepen the sound of your exhaust. The bigger the tip, the deeper the tone. Exhaust tips will not make your truck louder.

12. Will installing an exhaust tip void my warranty?

Installing an exhaust tip will NOT void your warranty. We are only talking about the exhaust tip itself.

13. Can I install an exhaust tip on my factory exhaust? Or do I need and aftermarket exhaust?

You can install an exhaust tip on a factory or aftermarket exhaust. You may have to cut the factory exhaust tip-off before installing your new tip.

14. How do I clean and maintain my exhaust tip?

We recommend cleaning your exhaust tip with Dawn dish soap and a microfiber.

15. Does my truck have to be deleted to use an exhaust tip?

Your truck does NOT have to be deleted to run an exhaust tip. We DO NOT recommend or endorse deleting your truck.

Whether you’re building your dream truck or daily driver, we have the perfect exhaust tip for your build!

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