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10 Builders You Should Follow in 2024

Social media is filled with insane truck builds, but it’s difficult to get to know the person behind the build or why they build trucks in the first place. We’ve been in the truck scene since 2017 and sponsored dozens of builders, so we know a thing or two about finding builders to follow on social media. 

Whether you’re looking for new people to follow or just want some inspiration, here are the Top 10 Builders to Follow in 2024!

@blackedout_6.6 LBZ Duramax

1. Yahir Flores @blackdout6.6

Yahir has one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest, cateye builds on IG. When you combine a kick-ass truck with a skilled content creator, expect magic to happen. Two years ago, Yahir drove all the way from Colorado to Florida to set up in our booth at the Florida Truck Meet. 

Yahir runs a 7” Freedom Hood Stack, Traction Bars, and custom Social Media Emblems.

@the_tan_12v 2nd Gen Cummins running TSO Traction Bars

2. William Sparkman @the_tan_12v

If you’re into 2nd Gens as much as we are, you must follow Lytle! He came on the scene with a unique Tan 12v 2nd Gen, hence his name. He ran an Overlay Mitre Stack on his truck before it tragically burned to the ground due to a wiring issue. Lytle has rebounded in building a clean, Nardo Grey 2nd Gen running a set of TSO Traction Bars. Sometimes setbacks are set up to launch you forward!

@mrs_morra18 Lifted 2019 Ford F250 running an 8" TSO Exhaust Tip and TSO Frame Overlays

3. Shannen Mora @mrs_morra18

Looking for a badass female builder to follow? Shennen Mora is one of our favorite female builders on social media! Her unique color combos make you stop and stare! We’ve worked with Shannen and her husband, @elev8d_morra, for several years, and we are always stoked to see their builds. Builds on IG often look better on your screen than in person, but not Shannen’s builds! Her truck was at Sema this past year, rocking an 8” Overlay Tip and Frame Overlays!

Easm's Lifted OBS Ford running a Polished 8" Freedom Exhaust tip from TSO

4. Easm Hollens @hollens_seventhree

Let’s throw it back to an old-school build, Easm’s OBS Ford, with just the right amount of new-school and old-school. When someone builds an OBS or any older truck, they often go overboard with a massive lift, 30s, and in-your-face colors. Easm took the simple approach. He runs a Polished 8” Freedom Tip on his OBS build.

Sam's 3rd Gen Cummins running custom emblems by TSO

5. Sam Scott @thecummins_2003

Sam is the reason I can’t build a white-out 3rd Gen. When someone knocks a build out of the park, you can’t copy them. All you can do is look in admiration. Drop Sam a follow so you can see the cleanest 3rd gen on a daily basis. We’re trying to talk Sam into running more TSO products, but for now, he runs a set of Social Media Emblems.

Cody's Lifted 2012 Ford F250 King Ranch running Liberty Forged Wheels and an 8" Octagon exhaust tip

6. Cody Lawson @cody.lawsonn

Former Custom Offsets personality turned truck-fluencer came out swinging with his first half 6.7 powerstroke. King Ranch trim and two-toned Copper and Beige make for a killer combo. He then took it one step further to color match EVERYTHING, including the suspension, lights, and even his 8” Overlay Exhaust Tip. If you like serious content skills and badass trucks, drop him a follow!

Earnie's 2nd Gen Cummins running custom emblems by TSO

7. Ernie Boggs @ernieboggsiii.camo12v

When you hear “Camo12v”, what do you think? Do you think the truck is wrapped in camo? If so, think again. This 2nd Gen 12v features an interesting spin on a restoration project. He took the rusted, paint-peeled truck and “fixed” the paint to give the truck a camo look. Go check out his build and peep the custom Social Media Emblems.

6.0 Titans Hood stacked 6.0 Powerstroke running custom emblems by TSO

8. @6.0_titan

Do 6.0 Powerstrokes get a bad rap? Check out @6.0_titan to follow along with his clean, red 6.0 and the 6.7 Powerstroke he just picked up! This guy is blowing up on the socials and YouTube!

Dustin's cateye LBZ Duramax on forged wheels and running an 8" TSO E Overlay Exhaust Tip

9. Dustin Korth @dusti_lbz

Dustin is a truck guy/ content creator based in Wisconsin. He builds badass trucks that are practical in any situation. Not to mention, he has a unique content style for an individual creator. Go check out his truck (running an 8” Overlay Exhaust Tip btw), YouTube channel and drop him a follow!

Allie's Lifted LBZ Duramax on forged wheels and running a 7" TSO Octagon Exhaust Tip

10. Allie @allie_chevy99

Allie is an up-and-coming female builder with over 65k followers on TikTok alone! She has not one but two LBZ Duramax trucks. Not only does she create content around her, but also shows behind the scenes of a small business! So go check out her Duramax running an 8” Overlay Exhaust Tip and her business, Lead By Example!

What do you think of our Top 10 Builders to Follow in 2024? Be sure to check out the people mentioned. Also, let us know who we missed in the comments below!